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Less Does Not Equal More

There you are, contemplating the size of latté necessary to up your caffeine levels so that you can interact with other humans.  Thinking that a bigger cup will equal more caffeine you choose to go for 16 oz drink instead of your normal 12 oz.  If your ordering from anywhere but Red Eye Coffee you just spent your hard earned money on more milk & sugar.

You see big coffee chains have the ratio of 1 shot of espresso in 12 oz / 16 oz drinks and 2 shots in 20 oz / 24 oz drinks.  We think this robbery of the highest order!  So rather than whine about the problem we decided to put our coffee where your mouth is.  Below you can see listed Red Eye's espresso to drink ratio.

12 oz  = 2 shot

16 oz = 2 shots

20 oz = 3 shots

24 oz = shots

No longer will you have to walk through the valley of the shadow of weak coffee, for Red Eye is with you

The Secret Menu


What's one of the most frustrating things about a coffee shop?  Not knowing the difference between venti and grande, valid but no.  That feeling of perplexity one gets when looking at a new coffee shop menu.


Don't worry we've got you covered.  Not everyone is born a coffee connoisseur.  So that's why when you  step up to the counter our barista's are specifically trained to tailor fit our menu to your taste buds. 


This is where our Secret Menu comes into play.  Featuring the gold medal winners (if you ain't first your last) of said barista/customer experimentation.  The Secret Menu is a treasure trove of goodies that'll will guarantee to delight.

Truly Great Coffee


In our search for the Holy Grail of coffee we journeyed through countless cups of java, beans, roasters and cafés, until we found Lavazza.  Based out of Italy.  With over 120 years of experience these guys (and gals) know what their doing.

The Lavazza coffee we drink today is the result of it's founder Lugi Lavazza.  The idea of combining coffees from different parts of the world. These coffees are harvested, processed, mixed and roasted to create many different and balanced blends, and satisfy the taste of every one of us.